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Completed PhD projects

Here is a list of former PhD students. Click on the title to get a pdf version of their dissertations.

  1. Thor Bechsgaard: In-vivo vector flow imaging of venous flow in the lower extremities of healthy volunteers and patients with chronic venous disease (with Michael Bachmann Nielsen, Rigshospitalet)
  2. Mathias Engholm: Capacitive Micomachined Ultrasonic Transducers for Ultrasound Imaging (with Erik Thomsen, DTU Nanotech), May 2018
  3. Tommaso di Ianni: Portable Ultrasound Imaging, November, 2017
  4. Jonas Jensen: Fast Plane Wave Imaging, May, 2017
  5. Ramin Moshavegh: Automatic ultrasound scanning, December 2016
  6. Hamed Bouzari: Advanced 3-D Ultrasound Imaging: 3-D Synthetic Aperture Imaging using Fully Addressed and Row-Column Addressed 2-D Transducer Arrays, December 2016
  7. Simon Holbek: 3D vector velocity ultrasound imaging, October, 2016
  8. Andreas Hjelm Brandt: Evaluation of new imaging methods in ultrasound imaging (with Michael Bachmann Nielsen, Rigshospitalet), September 2016
  9. Carlos Armando Villagómez Hoyos: Synthetic Aperture Vector Flow Imaging,June, 2016
  10. Mariwan Baker: Improved radiotherapy utilizing 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging techniques (with Claus E. Andersen, Center for Nuclear Technologies, DTU and Claus F. Behrens, Herlev University Hospital), November, 2015
  11. Jacob Bjerring Olesen: Imaging of In-vivo Pressure using Ultrasound, November, 2015
  12. Thomas Lehrmann Christiansen: Micromachined ultrasonic transducers for 3-D imaging (with Erik Thomsen, DTU Nanotech), June 2015
  13. Peter M. Hansen: Frist clinical investigation of new ultrasound techniques in three patient groups: Patients with liver tumors, arteriovenous fistulas, and arteiosclerotic femoral arteries (with Michael Bachmann Nielsen, Rigshospitalet), October 2014
  14. Mette Funding La Cour: Micromachined integrated transducers for ultrasound imaging (with Erik Thomsen, DTU Nanotech), December 2014
  15. Morten Fischer Rasmussen: Advanced 3-D Ultrasound Imaging. 3-D Synthetic Aperture Imaging and Row-column Addressing of 2-D Transducer Arrays, October, 2014
  16. Joachim Hee Rasmussen: Non-linear synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging, November 2013
  17. An Hoai Pham: In-situ Identification of Marine Organisms using High-Frequency Wideband Ultrasound (with Bjarne Stage, DTU Aqua), January 2013
  18. Ye Li: Two stage beamforming for flow estimation, November 2012
  19. Michael Johannes Pihl: 3D vector flow imaging, October 2012
  20. Jens Munk Hansen: Synthetic aperture compound imaging, September 2012
  21. Mads Møller Pedersen: Evaluation of new digital ultrasound methods, July 2012
  22. Marie Sand Enevoldsen: Patient Specific Models of the Abdominal Aorta with and without Aneurysms, January 2012
  23. Martin Hemmsen: Image processing in medical ultrasound, November 2011
  24. Yigang Du: Non-linear ultrasound imaging, May 2011
  25. David Bæk: Modeling af ultrasound transducers, July, 2010
  26. Iben Kraglund Holfort: Adaptive Beamforming for Medical Ultrasound Imaging, November, 2009
  27. Kristoffer L. Hansen: In-vivo studies of new vector velocity and adaptive spectral estimators in medical ultrasound, May 2009
  28. Henrik Andresen: Synthetic Aperture Beamforming in Ultrasound using Moving Arrays, May, 2009
  29. Klaus S. Andersen: Non-invasive ambient pressure estimation using non-linear ultrasound contrast agents, May, 2009
  30. Jacob Kortbek: Synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging, January 2008
  31. Niels Oddershede: Synthetic aperture vector flow imaging, December 2007
  32. Jesper Udesen: Estimation of transverse blood flow using ultrasound, December, 2005
  33. Fredrik Gran: Spatio-temporal encoding in medical ultrasound imaging, July, 2005
  34. Kim L. Gammelmark: Improving the Image Quality of Synthetic Transmit Aperture Ultrasound Images, September, 2004
  35. Morten Høgholm Pedersen: New digital techniques in medical ultrasound scanning, July 2003
  36. Borislav Tomov: Compact beamforming in medical ultrasound scanners, Jan. 2003
  37. Thanassis Misaridis: Ultrasound imaging using coded signals, Aug. 2001
  38. Svetoslav Nikolov: Synthetic aperture tissue and flow imaging, Aug. 2001
  39. Malene Schlaikjer: Development and characterization of algorithms for estimation of blood velocity with ultrasound, Feb. 2001
  40. Peter Munk: Estimation of blood velocity vectors using ultrasound, Feb. 2000
  41. Klaus Bolding Rasmussen: Two-dimensional deconvolution of ultrasound images, 1992

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